The hunt for autumn splendour and not quite finding it
Up until now, as a writer on Substack you could only post new content from within the web app which is fine until you’ve had an idea on the go that you…
In an attempt to get this newsletter going again, I am going to start with a few short posts and build from there
The main proclamation took place at St James's Palace, London on Saturday 10th September and the following day in many other towns across the UK…
We say Goodbye to someone who has always been, Our Queen
Yay at last some actual recent content for a change and starting to find ways in which to capture my waterborne adventures.
Location planningThis newsletter took a bit of a break due to a lot going on in life recently but it’s time to plan ahead and develop this publication further. I…
Playing catch-up on drafts I wrote or in this case curated from my camera roll!
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